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Social Media Branding | Design Positive illustration
Blog illustration

I have been making conceptual illustrations for Design Positive since March 2020, always trying to get the best idea possible not just a colorful and positive vibe. One of my favorite illustrations is this one which talks about how to get the most out of Social Media platforms when you are writing a post.

The idea is very straightforward, you have all the different social media platform posts floating in the air, and the creatives/marketers/business owners are working on their posts.

How do I get a better illustration with this clear concept? Let's play with levels, the people who are in the post can be outside the post too, so that way I get a nice visual effect. The social media icons in the foreground create a new level and fill some empty spaces (if you want or need to fill these areas).

How to make the illustration more friendly? By adding stuff that is around you when you are writing a post. Sometimes is not enough to have a good idea, sometimes is necessary to furnish your illustration with nice little things that can drive you to other places.

Here you have the link to the article on Medium with lots of cool tips to post the best image to be more relevant on all platforms.


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