📋 Annual reports are a great way to manage your company narrative, clarify information and demonstrate your commitment to your stakeholders. If you need to know the Do's and Don't's when the time to make the annual report has arrived, take a read the Design Positive article with one of my illustrations in it.

10 Things NOT to do in Your ESG, CSR, or Annual Report | by Design Positive | Medium

Conceptual illustration of a forbidden sign where the blank spaces symbolize two tables and two workers are typing an annual report.

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Illustration for the campaign "The excellence of human resources in research" by Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute - IDIBELL

The excellence of human resources in research – Idibell

In the "Working conditions" part you will discover all the roles in the organization as well as the associated rights and duties. besides using new software HR data management systems and a new job vacancies portal. These tools will allow us to monitor and accelerate the recruitment process.

Illustration of various elements in a doodle style where we see concepts and scenes talking about Working conditions at IDIBELL

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We did a set of small illustrations (7x5cm) about two different neighborhoods of a city for the brand new Reporters 2 USA by DIFUSIÓN, Centro de Investigación y Publicaciones de Idiomas.

Although we make small illustrations we put all the effort and love for the students to enjoy every detail of the illustration and make them go over the lesson over and over again.

Flat vector illustration of a neighborhood in the old town in Spain.

Flat vector illustration of a modern neighborhood in Spain.


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