Details of the map that I shared last week. Each of these monuments was an icon on that map. And, what can I say, I love Madrid and I had fun illustrating these iconic buildings.

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The new Spanish learning book "Reporteros 2" (USA version) is about to be released by DIFUSIÓN ELE . There's a unit that is about how is living in Madrid and we did a beautiful map of this beautiful city with the top monuments and places of interest to visit.

Illustration of a map from Madrid with iconic monuments and buildings of the city.

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Accessibility is a hot topic for websites because a lack of accessibility compliance can lead to costly lawsuits. Organizations have been committing resources to update their brand colors, clear typographies, add captions on their videos or transcribe and timestamp their podcasts among other strategies.

The illustration we made tries to explain in a conceptual way how your team could work on this brand accessibility update.

Take a read at the Design Positive article on Medium.

Update Your Brand Guidelines to Include Accessibility | by Design Positive | Medium

Conceptual illustration of a marketing team updating brand guidelines in a giant book.

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