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Last month I donated one illustration for the new "Histórias da Ajudaris" (Ajudaris' Tales) volume. Once a year the Portuguese NGO Ajudaris - Associação de Solidariedade Social asks me if I can illustrate a tale written by students of a Portuguese School.

This year I illustrated "A Pomba da Paz" a tale about a Ukrainian girl who was forced to move to Portugal with her family and is studying in Portugal. One day she receives at the school the news from a Peace Dove that the Russian invasion is over.

War is hard and sad to understand for kids, and also for adults. Thousand of Ukrainian women and children have escaped from the war and now they're trying to make a living in many European countries.

I'm very glad to do my bit again to help this beautiful organization that fights poverty and exclusion in the country. This time I had to deal with a very serious matter but, as always, I tried to deliver a positive and hopeful illustration because looking at the bright side of life is something that is in my DNA.

Thank you so much. 🧡




#Childrenillustration #Peace #Ukraine

Children's illustration about a Ukrainian girl at her school with her friends receiving a message from the Peace Dove.

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This is the second personal illustration in a row about mental health.

When I was a kid mental health was a taboo, something weird that happened to other people. Today everybody is talking and caring about their psychological well-being. We have experienced lots of traumas, disappointments, and moments of rage, and have dealt with alcohol and smoking stuff that affected our mental health although everybody was telling us that it was very funny.

Having a break, telling your problems or your concerns to your mother, or a friend who is good at listening, and getting professional help is good for your health. Caring and treating well other people is good for you and also for them.

Have a great day!



Conceptual illustration of a woman in the middle of a broken brain made of glass.

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When it comes to building your annual reports, you need to have better visual graphics to engage the audience, keep the readers captivated by the report, and tell the story of your company.

Take a read of the Design Positive article and know all the tips and tricks to boost your annual reports. Better Visual Graphics for Your Annual and ESG Reports | by Design Positive | Medium

Conceptual illustration of a tiny woman walking through giant annual reports with awesome visual graphics.

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