Web accessibility is the major point in the latest Design Positive article.

Why Web Accessibility? Article

Such accessibility couldn't be more inclusive, because, for example, you may need captions in a video due to your permanent condition (a deaf person), or temporary (an ear infection), or even situational (your partner put your kid to sleep after 2 hours trying to and you prefer to watch a video with captions rather than wake up your kid and unleash mayhem).

Web accessibility is the next step to boost your organic rankings and grow your business. Cool lecture to change or update your perspective about all the people who surf the web.

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Actualizado: 3 de dic de 2020

Illustration of a creative director working remotely with a group of designers.

This 2020, millions of people had to learn how to work remotely from one day to another. Maintaining productivity was a huge challenge for most of the companies and in this Design Positive article, there are a few tips and tricks to be a professional from home.

How to Strengthen Your Brand When You Have a Distributed Workforce: https://designpositive.medium.com/how-to-strengthen-your-brand-when-you-have-a-distributed-workforce-c7a7afa25ed3