Actualizado: 3 de dic de 2020

Illustration of a creative director working remotely with a group of designers.

This 2020, millions of people had to learn how to work remotely from one day to another. Maintaining productivity was a huge challenge for most of the companies and in this Design Positive article, there are a few tips and tricks to be a professional from home.

How to Strengthen Your Brand When You Have a Distributed Workforce:

This year the Spanish Red Cross Christmas campaign will be illustrated by me together with Exclama Comunicación agency. More info about the campaign soon.

Girl telling a story to kids, babies and toys.

Nowadays accessibility is one of the aspects that companies have got to take care of. In "Get Sued or Make Your Website Accessible" by Design Positive, Taylor Martin analyzes the importance of getting an accessible website to be friendly to people with all kinds of special abilities.

A blind woman with dog trying to order pizza on an accessibility mobile application.