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I’ve been working with ELM Learning for the last two years trying to deliver great illustrations for e-learning courses. We made an introductory video called “Introduction to career check-ins” for a Fortune-500 technology company and we had to create 4 diverse characters from different cities in the world and explain the new career conversation framework and motivate employees to seek support in the growth of their career.

Here you have the first illustrations of the video. We tried to make positive, diverse, and friendly characters using a minimalistic style, not just in the characters but in the backgrounds as well.

When it comes to making illustrations for explainer videos and you are dealing with tight deadlines you must choose your money-maker shots, and this one was one of them. It was really important not just to present the characters but their cities as well, and if you can see clearly which city or country they are from, we finally do our job well.

Illustration of a thick-shaped blonde man looking at us with a window in the back with the skyline of San Francisco.

Illustration of a thin black woman looking at us with a window in the back with the skyline of London.

Illustration of an Indian businessman looking at us with a window in the back with the skyline of an Indian city.

Illustration of a Japanese woman in a wheelchair looking at us with a window in the back with the skyline of Tokyo.

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Vector illustration on vivid colors with 12 characters related to the 12 brand archetypes.

There are 12 character archetypes first proposed by Carl Jung in 1917. These archetypes are innate patterns of thought that impact their behavior. Brands choose to align themselves with brain archetypes to build customer relationships and market differentiation.

Take a read of the very interesting article “What is a Brand Archetype” by Design Positive to learn more about how to communicate better depending on the spirit of the user. What is a Brand Archetype?. A brand archetype is essentially your… | by Design Positive | Medium

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A couple of months ago we started working with Justin Sainton on the development of illustrations for the awesome app Otherboard which is a great tool for bloggers and content creators to bring their data from multiple platforms together to gain meaningful insights on day one.

We started making this illustration for their blog and Social Media posts about the work they have been doing throughout the first 90 days.

The First 90 Days - Otherboard | Content organization for Wordpress bloggers

Always happy to work with new clients 💚

Conceptual illustration of the Otherboard UX/UI designer working on a website/calendar placing icons/updates on the web.

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