Do you want to know how to keep them interested and engaging with your content?

In the new Design Positive article you have 5 ways to increase website user engagement.

5 Ways to Increase Website User Engagement | by Design Positive | Nov, 2021 | Medium

The illustration, not because I did it 😉, I think it's beautiful.

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This weekend it will take place the VII Colombian Craft Beer Festival in Bogota and it's a great honor to take part in it with the official poster of the festival. Best wishes to all the super creative team of Festival Cerveceros, I hope this weekend will be a success for them and the city of Bogota.

Poster of the VII Bogota Craft Beer Festival.  A gigantic woman is in the center of the festival drinking a craft beer and we see a lot of small people around her having fun in the festival.  Several iconic buildings of Bogota are in the background.

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How your brand can be more sustainable? With a few small steps, your company, even though is a very small company, can reduce its carbon footprint.

One example? Your business website can be hosted at solar-powered web servers. If you want more tips to be a more sustainable business take a read of this Design Positive article illustrated by me. Becoming a Sustainable Brand. As businesses look to improve their… | by Design Positive | Medium

Illustration of solar panels in the field but one of the panels is already a website.

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