Soon a beautiful campaign is going on the air. We made a bunch of illustrations for the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute - IDIBELL and we are more than happy to support the good work they do day after day.

This set of illustrations has been done using Procreate, so we had the chance to illustrate sitting at the desk and also chilling on the couch which definitely made that the illustrations would be even more spontaneous.

As soon as the campaign will be on air I'll post all the beautiful illustrations we did.

Illustration of medical researchers on their daily routine with a big IDIBELL logo behind them.

Our last illustration for Design Positive was about how you and your brand communicates with the audience and how the audience feels you.

Your brand can have a serious tone or a funny one, a formal tone or informal, it depends on how you want to impact the audience and the emotional response you want to get.

Take a break and have a read at the article: The Most Important Aspect of a Brand Is Its Tone | by Design Positive | Aug, 2021 | Medium

A guy placing a paper heart on a gigantic head to illustrate how the tone of a brand impacts on the audience.
Your brand’s tone can build emotional connections between you and your customers if you execute it well.

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