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New forms of communication and media are key points when it comes to managing the company narrative with annual reports, ESG, and CSR.

In this Design Positive article, you will find all tips to make this vital info to the shareholders much more clear, bold, and seductive.

Manage Your Company Narrative with an Annual Report, ESG or CSR | by Design Positive | Medium

Conceptual illustration of a CEO walking investors on a red carpet which is already a bookmark on an open book where we see all the values of the company represented by icons.

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Maricruz Tovar Carazo owner of The Human Lens CR took me a few photos of myself for my professional online profiles and I couldn't be happier.

Working from Costa Rica worldwide always with a positive attitude. 😃

Take a look at the work of this hell of a photographer here: Maricruz Tovar|Foto retrato (@thehumanlenscr) • Fotos y videos de Instagram The Craving Lens (@thecravinglenscr) • Fotos y videos de Instagram

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In July we collaborated for the first time with the French agency Cogito Strategy by illustrating an article of theirs, where they talk about their creative approach based on empathy and active listening to the client to get the best brand strategy.

The article is written in French, so if you speak French take a read to know more about the way this digital agency based in Lyon works.

▷ Le Design Thinking : L’importance d’intégrer le consommateur dans le processus de création (

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