Design Positive can help you to redesign your logo, adapt it to new devices, or update its accessibility guidelines. In this article, you can learn all the possibilities for your brand in the digital era.

Does Your Logo Need Updating?. With the dawn of the internet came new… | by Design Positive | Medium

As always I tried the best way to illustrate the article.


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Probably, you have sent a logo to your fellow graphic designer and you're wondering why is taking too long to place that logo on the material you need to send to the client.

99,9% of the time is because we receive a low-resolution logo or the logo format is not the right one for the placement.

Which logo file format is best?

If you are not a design expert or you are taking your first steps in the design industry you might have some doubts about what's the difference between a vector and a raster file.

Take a read of this Design Positive article to understand the differences between these two schools of thought.

Which Logo File Format is Best?. You’ve received your logo files. Now… | by Design Positive | Medium

Illustration of a raster hand of JesusChrist about to touch a vector hand of God.

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Woman on top of the mountain acting as a Hindu goddess with many arms handling lots of landing pages.

In one of Design Positive's articles that I illustrated "How Landing Pages Work and Why They’re So Important" you can get wise tips to boost your website landing pages to get more visits and business growth.

There are several designs and strategies for each client, even for each service that one single client offers. Check out this article and more here: "How Landing Pages Work and Why They’re So Important"

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