Once I heard Pepe Bordalás manager of Valencia CF (at that time manager of Getafe CF, a humble and brave soccer team in La Liga ) that he always motivates the team by telling them that their best goal is about to arrive.

A regular self-help quote, but anyway, it made me think about it. Many years illustrating, doing my best on every project I'm working on, but I started to search for the best illustration that was about to arrive and whenever I had spare time, and the kids and Vanessa were sleeping, I doodle some conceptual illustrations on the couch.

This one was my 6th illustration and it was one of my best illustrations so far. And thanks to that some clients knocked on my door, still working with them and from that day on I'm still searching for my best illustration that is going to arrive.

Illustration of a Mexican hat in the sky trying to abduct a Taco.

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In the first quarter of 2022, we've been collaborating again with Éditions Maison des Langues (Paris) making several illustrations for the french learning book "Reporters francophones".

One of our favorites is "Dialogue Magasin de vêtements" 4 comic book panels with two friends shopping at a mall.

4 comic book panels with two friends shopping at a mall.

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Design Positive can help you to redesign your logo, adapt it to new devices, or update its accessibility guidelines. In this article, you can learn all the possibilities for your brand in the digital era.

Does Your Logo Need Updating?. With the dawn of the internet came new… | by Design Positive | Medium

As always I tried the best way to illustrate the article.


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