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Here you have 5 more iconic buildings from Paris we made for "Reporters francophones 2" the brand new French language learning book from Éditions Maison des Langues.

Every illustrated landmark was just 2 x 2 cm and placed on a Paris map, and as always, reinterpreting buildings is one of the tasks that I love the most.

Always grateful to Virginie Karniewicz, Beatrice Biella, and Lucie Hodierne to give me once more all the creative freedom to create a beautiful set of illustrations for this new volume.

Flat vector illustration of Arc de Triomphe.

Flat vector illustration of Le Musée d'Orsay

Flat vector illustration of Tour Eiffel.

Flat vector illustration of Théatre du Châtelet.

Flat vector illustration of Gare de Lyon.

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One of my favorite projects we delivered for ELM Learning was an illustrated game map for one of the best high-end fashion companies in the US based in (the 5th Avenue of) New York.

Many times we take care of a project from the beginning till the very end, but in some others, we have to use some previous assets and create new ones always trying to leave a mark.

In this case, we had the core buildings (the ones with the magenta icon) and we had to create a map in which every lesson was an island that represented a region or country of the world.

One of the key points of this project was working with Rebecca Irby, one of the best creative directors I have had the chance to work with. She gave me tips on the brand style guide, references, style, and creative freedom to get this map done and dozens of other assets in record time.

Illustrated map for a game for a fashion company.

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Last May Éditions Maison des Langues (Paris) published the new volume of Reporters 3 and we deliver some illustrations for this new one. We made a map of Paris and some landmarks of the city populate the map.

These illustrations are just 2 x 2 cm but I wanted to make a post with them because I love architecture and reinterpret buildings in my style. I hope to make a post soon with more Top 5 illustrated Paris landmarks in flat vector style.

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