Probably, you have sent a logo to your fellow graphic designer and you're wondering why is taking too long to place that logo on the material you need to send to the client.

99,9% of the time is because we receive a low-resolution logo or the logo format is not the right one for the placement.

Which logo file format is best?

If you are not a design expert or you are taking your first steps in the design industry you might have some doubts about what's the difference between a vector and a raster file.

Take a read of this Design Positive article to understand the differences between these two schools of thought.

Which Logo File Format is Best?. You’ve received your logo files. Now… | by Design Positive | Medium

Illustration of a raster hand of JesusChrist about to touch a vector hand of God.

The Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute - IDIBELL campaign "The excellence of human resources in research" has been launched.

It's a strategic plan with 4 concrete actions in recruitment and selection, working conditions, ethical and professional aspects, and training and development.

Today I'm sharing the "Ethical aspects" point. You can see a lot of illustrations in there that have been used in many applications and materials.

I'm absolutely proud to have done my bit in this campaign, a campaign from my hometown Barcelona worldwide, and very thankful to Lidia Garcia-Campmany for her trust in my work.


The poster of the VII Festival de Cerveceros Artesanales de Colombia / Colombia Craft Beer Festival has been illustrated by me. The campaign has been launched and in the coming days, the official poster will be on air.