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Biohacking Reviews illustrations

Here are some drops of the Biohacking Reviews project. 

We had to illustrate how technology can help you lose weight, how to hack your Microbiome by eating probiotic food and supplements, or how to use science to upgrade your sleep. 

3 challenges we faced: 

· We had to make 1 banner per day. 

· We worked using a restricted color palette. 

· We added iconic city landmarks to make everyone feel a connection when they drop by the site.

3 things that we love about this project:

· We made illustrations to spread the word about a healthier lifestyle. 

· The client gave us creative freedom to produce all banners.

· We learned a lot about biohacking and wellness.

The result is a set of clean, soft, and positive illustrations, following accessibility guidelines. 

Working with Taylor Martin from Design Positive was amazing and we’re looking forward to collaborating on a big project like this again. 

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